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Show off your box and newfound toys. Go ahead and share them with your siblings, friends, neighbors and playmates. Multiply the fun and learning as you play together!

Secondly, come and share your experiences. Send in a picture of your kid in action, or posing with his/her work of art. Feedback is always welcome. Do let us know what you would like the next theme to be. Please reach out to us at ExploreSandbox@gmail.com.


Have loads of fun in exploring what's inside your box. :)


Your very own ExploreSandbox will arrive in your mail. Shipping is done on the first week of the succeeding month. We will inform you the tracking number of your package for easier monitoring.

6-MONTH SubscriptionPHP 5399


Select your plan among a 1-, 3-, or 6-month subscription. When you've decided, click on this link which will bring you straight to the Contact Us page so you can log your interest with us. Upon receipt of your order, we will inform you of the payment details. We accept orders until the 20th of each month, or until supplies last. Shipping is free within Metro Manila, but orders outside of Metro Manila will have to add PHP 100/box.

1-MONTH SubscriptionPHP 999

3-MONTH SubscriptionPHP 2849