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Explore Sandbox


My kids love packaging of all sorts — cardboard boxes, styrofoam, fillers, paper invites, folders, etc. Ever since Sophia was big enough to handle paper (without putting it in her mouth) I let her play with scrap materials. She must have been a bit over one then. And as she grew older, she used scissors, glue, paint and anything she could find in the house to jazz up her cardboard boxes. Naturally, Lily and Stella took after their Ate. Every day I see them working on crafts and experiments.

                Enter the new product Sandbox. It encourages imagination and creativity in children. Sandbox is a monthly subscription box filled with activities. [READ MORE]


Opening the Sandbox

It's here! :) I wrote about subscribing to Explore Sandbox and our first package arrived yesterday afternoon. Eloise and I did some spring cleaning in her room and our room before we finally sat down in a nice, tidy space and started taking out the crafts stuff and materials for some fun. The box came with almost everything that you would need including detailed instructions for each activity... [READ MORE]

Sandbox - Cute, Educational and Fun!

IAN GALLIGUEZ This post is sooo late, I don’t even know where to begin. But it’s here now and I’m more than excited to talk about Sandbox. About a couple of months ago, I joined a raffle contest on Ms. Daphne Paez’s blog and I was one of the lucky ones to have won the Sandbox prize! Since Sandbox is for kids, I’ve asked them to put the name of my daughter on it when it gets delivered. She’s just like me that she gets a thrill getting stuff from traditional mail... [READ MORE]

Product Review: Boxed Activities - ExploreSandbox

CURRANT7 ...Activities in a box like these has grown in popularity in recent years as a way for working, busy parents to still provide educational and at the same time, memorable experiences with their children. The concept is be able to take the children away from just being in front of a television set or a gadget and get back to the basics of exploration and discovery through experiments and doing... [READ MORE]

Explore Sandbox -- Fun for Kids of All Ages


Explore Sandbox… the name of this little box is very apt for what joy it contains.  Sandboxes are traditional playground fare for kids to stretch their imaginations in through play.  This little gem is no different. Inside the little shoebox is everything your child needs to make their own arts projects, learn new things, and have lots of fun in the process. It was like receiving a do-it-yourself arts class in the mail — no fuss, no hassle, no travel necessary... [READ MORE]