Super ME! (Php350)

Crimebusters unite! In this superhero-themed kit, kids get to design their own mask and cape. What are you waiting for? Let them gear up and save the day! Includes 1 mask, 1 cape and coloring materials.  

Pinwheel Parade (Php200)

Kids enjoy having quiet time to focus on creative projects. Let them assemble and design their own pinwheel. When they are done... Tada! Watch the spinning, colorful pinwheels on parade! Includes 1 pinwheel kit and coloring materials.

Topsy Turvy (Php250)

Hone those fine motor skills with these lovely wooden tops. Kids can get creative and make their own design. Watch the colors blend as they spin! Great for arts & crafts-themed events. Includes 2 tops and coloring materials.

Party Packs

Kaleidoscope (Php250)

Blue stars, Red stars,
Green stars too!
I like purple stars,
How 'bout you?

Take the kids on a trip to outer space with this cool kiddie kaleidoscope. Assemble and design, then watch stars form before your eyes! Includes 1 kaleidoscope kit and coloring materials.

Because active minds and little hands need to keep busy, even during parties!

Need a unique party giveaway or fun activities for your kiddie event?

Choose from our 6 kits below to complement your theme (minimum of 12 pieces of any theme combo):

Princess Crown (Php250)

Add a dash of royal fantasy to your little girl's princess- or teatime-themed party. Kids get to design a pink or purple foam crown with colorful gems and assorted stickers. A roomful of behaved little girls is a sight to behold!

Animal Tail (Php250)

ROAR! Kids love to pretend. Let them be cute little animals in the wild! They can decorate this clip-on tail with colorful fabric pieces. Great for farm-themed or outdoor parties and events. Includes 1 tail, fabric pieces and glue.