Colors and shapes are some of the earliest concepts that a child will learn. Pause and look around at how the world around you is a series of overlapping shapes and colors. In this ExploreSandbox, kids will have a first hand experience in mixing colors, creating shapes in their own geoboard, and more!

ExploreSandbox 0033: Colors & Shapes


Color your wooden tops and spin. Try using primary colors and see what happens when you spin the top. Do the colors change as the top gains speed? Then, have fun with the colorful buttons. Create your own necklace or accessory. Show off your works of art!

Have you ever heard of a geoboard? Learning is fun as you make shapes in various sizes with the aid of rubber bands. For older children, the geoboard is also a nifty way of introducing math concepts like perimeter, area, angles, etc.

This experiment will show you how colors mix and create new colors. Go ahead and dissolve the colored balls, and see for yourself how a new color emerges.