ExploreSandbox 0032: Glow in the Dark


Who’s afraid of the dark? In this month’s ExploreSandbox, you’ll want the lights off all the time. Imagine a Glow In The Dark party where mesmerizing neon yellow, pink and green lights dance around you! Lights off, glow on!

Let’s start by making “Fireflies” in a Jar. Put this glowy night light on your bedside table and gaze on it as you fall asleep. Next, let’s make a glowing keychain. Hang your favorite little toy at the end and it will never get lost in the dark!

Are you good at breaking down towers, tossing rings, and bowling? For added challenge, try playing those games in the dark. Now, which version is more fun?

In this simple home experiment, we will observe a chemical reaction taking place and how water temperature affects it.