Let’s start by decorating a Nature Collecting Jar. Put those curious little hands to work and start collecting! Then, paint a suncatcher and make wind chimes. This will remind you each day of nature’s wonders. Next, have some messy fun as you create your own leaf design. Watch the beautiful colors diffuse into your leaf. 

​Take the Jar you decorated and start collecting interesting objects around you. Study each piece carefully, then let’s put your senses to use!

 How about making some nature prints with the help of the sun’s magic! Let’s learn all about solar energy and how it affects objects on earth, including us.


ExploreSandbox 0030: Nature Lover

Mother Nature is amazing. Just sit outside for a few minutes and you will witness little miracles happening constantly. Watch the sunrise or sunset, marvel at the different cloud formations, listen to the wind whisper and roar, trace the patterns on a leaf or seashell… the list is endless! Do you want to learn more about nature? We’ll have lots of fun while doing that in this month’s ExploreSandbox!