What is your favorite animal to visit at the zoo? Let’s learn more about the animal world in this month’s ExploreSandbox!


Giraffes are tall with necks so long
Elephants’ trunks are big and strong
Zebras have stripes and can gallop away
While monkeys in the trees do sway
Old crocodile swims in the pool so deep
Or lies in the sun and goes to sleep

(“African Animals”, Children’s poem)
Let’s start by making different animal toys and decor out of interesting materials like paper bags, foam stickers, fuzzy wires, and suction cups. Make your own tail and pretend to be a wild animal! RAWRRR!

Design a “zoo” without walls or cages using homemade play dough and popsicle sticks. When your masterpiece is done, add the animal pieces and make your zoo come to life.


Finally, learn all about camouflage. Which animals can do it and why. Are you ready to play a game? Let’s see how good you are at camouflaging.


ExploreSandbox 0028: At The Zoo