Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth! In this month’s ExploreSandbox, you get to imagine yourself at the circus. Can you picture those silly clowns trying to make everyone laugh? There’ll be lots of fun and games plus unlimited candy and popcorn. So, step right up – all these and more can be yours!

ExploreSandbox 0023: Let's Go to the Circus!

First, create a personalized photo frame using circus-themed foam stickers. Great for showing off a wacky shot! Ready for more crazy fun? Pretend to be a clown with your self-styled top hat and red foam nose. Try to make someone laugh with your silly clown act! 

What popular snacks can you find in every circus? Compare and contrast the different textures, weights and sounds. Careful though, this activity might make you feel hungry!


What is a circus without fun and games? Learn simple concepts like force and mass in this kid-friendly shooting activity.  

: A surprise Bonus Activity to complete your visit to the circus!