​First, create a dinosaur headband. Stomp around the house and pretend to be the craziest, scariest dinosaur anyone has ever seen. Be sure to give your best and loudest ROAR! Then, for some quiet time, sit down and paint your own ceramic dinosaur using your favorite colors.


Did you know that paleontologists were the first ones to find dinosaur bones? How would you like to discover some dinosaur bones of your own? Carefully brush away grains of sand until you find the hidden fossils.


Scientists say that a series of volcanic eruptions led to the dinosaurs’ extinction. Some eruptions are so powerful they can cause changes in the earth’s climate and ecosystems. Make your own volcano and watch it blow!

PLUS bonus activities!

65 Million years ago, they roamed the earth. Let’s go back in time and explore the land of dinosaurs. Whether you are pretending to be a giant creature or a paleontologist, be ready for a prehistoric adventure with this month’s ExploreSandbox!


ExploreSandbox 0022: Roar! Here Come the Dinosaurs!